Book Review of “Red” by Belinda Missen


Emmy Sumner is sure she’s met her match in William Scott, graduate doctor, when their paths cross during Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations. So much so that, when she returns to Australia and William returns to England, she trusts his promise that they’ll be together again.

Contact is precious, and is kept up with the help of technology interspersed with the tradition of handwritten letters. That is, until one day Emmy receives a final postcard from William before he disappears. Completely. What went wrong? Where did he go? Why?

An opportunity to work in London sends Emmy back in William’s direction, a crumpled photo the only thing that remains of them. Should she look for him? Will he remember her? Will they still share the same connection they once had?

My Review:

A love story with a twist so different, it will take some time to wrap the concept around the head. The characters Emmy and William meet during a vacation where Emmy had gone to Edinburgh. It was love at first sight for them and they promised to keep in touch over the years till they unite again. However, very soon the contact reduces to none and the relationship becomes a thing of the past. Then Emmy gets a chance to go back to London to work and William comes back in picture. The story then takes us on their relationship ride by filling the gaps and facing their challenges with them.

The story is a bit childish and immature. The situation where the lovers meet and what happens hence is not something that should ideally happen. However there is no denying that such people do exist and such situations can be believable with a stretch of an imagination. The flow of the story is predictable and typecast. Right in the middle of the story, most of the suspense gets revealed, which makes the further story too much typical.

The language is a bit on the repetitive side. Certain phrases does so much rounds in the book that it becomes predictive. The characters are given good depth, which gives some base to the story. Only for the characters can you manage to continue reading the book. Otherwise there is nothing exciting or fascinating about the entire concept.

Star Rating : 2 Stars
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