Book Review of “On the Road to Where the Bells Toll” by M.J. Williams


Emily and Stan Remington pack up the RV and head to Boston for some R & R with the grand kids and a chance to immerse themselves in colonial history. But their Fourth of July celebration comes to an abrupt halt when they stumble over a body on the Boston Esplanade and then another hanging in the steeple of the Old North Church. Now the couple must unravel a tangle of forged clues and flush out the perpetrator before their own untimely epitaphs are written onto the historical landscape.

Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Cozy Mystery / Suspense

My Review:

Cozy murder mysteries are fun to read for the simple fact that they are cozy and yet there are dead bodies to be solved. “On the Road…” is no less and manages to engage the reader right from the start till the very end. Emily and Stan Remington are a retired couple who take up an RV and travel. Emily is a retired cop and Stan is a college professor. Like the profession of the couple, Emily is more rational and cop-minded whereas Stan is the soft hearted professor.

There is a lot of witty humor and wisecracks throughout the story. The character depth given is beautiful and does not go over the top. Factoring children and grand children into the picture is also flawless and smooth. There were times when I felt the story is going a bit too slow. It could have been a tad more faster. That was the only drawback. Otherwise, the story was wonderful and gripping. The mystery kept on going till the very end and there was a proper closure given to the story.

Star Rating : 4 Stars
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