Book Review of “Riley (A Kendall Family Novel #3)” by Randi Everheart


When Marine sniper Riley Kendall retired to live the quiet life, he never thought bullets would start flying through his house. It’s hardly the first time a woman’s wanted to kill him, but it’s the first time one has actually tried.

For assassin Jordan Hunt, just name the target, meet her price, and she’ll take care of the rest. This time, the man visible through her rifle’s view-port is too sexy to kill, but a job’s a job. When she misses and finds herself trussed naked before him, she may find her excitement harder to hide than who hired her.

Genre: Series / Romance / Romantic Suspense / Mystery
My Review:

After Tristan and Connor, it is now Riley’s turn to find love. Being a Marine sniper, Riley Kendall is the most macho but least emotional person among the siblings. So when he falls for the assassin Jordan Hunt, it was bound to be exciting and action filled.

Riley’s story is very much more interesting than Tristan’s or Connor’s. While both the earlier stories had one true love as the underlying concept, this one is more practical and something which is really easy to imagine happening in real life. Jordan and Riley had to really work with each other to convince each other that they are meant to be, and then they also had to work on convincing Riley’s family about it too. Nothing was too much easy or too much fairy-tale like in their story. It was all practical and hands on for them.

I liked the boldness and straight forwardness of the plot and the characters. The flow this time was much better than the first two books, although I liked both of them too. It shows how Randi is evolving with her stories and the way of writing. With such tremendous improvement, I am truly looking forward to her next book. Kendall siblings truly are having a very interesting life.

Star Rating : 5 Stars
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