Book Review of “Dangerous Associations” by Rita Lee Chapman


An ex-husband, a new love, a stalker. Cathy Thompson’s link to her ex-husband fills her life with threats and intimidation. She must either trap her stalker or find Geoffrey to put an end to her life of fear.

Genre: Mystery / Murder / Crime / Suspense / Thriller
My Review:

 We all make mistakes in our lives, some of us are very regular in making them and some are not. Sometimes the mistakes are something that can be easily rectified. However, there are times when a single seemingly umimportant mistake ends up almost ruining your life. And that is what happens to Cathy in Dangerous Associations. Her husband, who she married for love, starts cheating on her. She divorces him thinking that would be the end of it. But he soon turns to drugs and a whole nightmare unfolds for Geoffrey, Cathy and Rob.

The story has a good concept and good character definition. The characters are well placed and easy to relate with. The language is not abrupt. It is good enough to go with and smooth. However I have my reservations about the flow of the story. Most of the story is from Cathy’s point of view. But right in the middle, out of nowhere, Geoffrey’s point of view comes. Even another character’s story is shown right in the middle. They were relevant to the story, of course. But because of the abrupt change in story perspective, the flow breaks considerably. It could have done as alternate chapters from each perspective so that there is a uniformity in the flow.

Overall, the story was good. Just apart from the flow and therefore, the style of narration, I loved the story and the plot. It is really engaging and exciting till the end.

Star Rating : 3.5 Stars
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