Book Review of “Operation Earth (Project Ark Book 2)” by L.T. Gibbons


Can a team of teenagers from another planet help change the world?

Six months after fifteen year old Mia McAdams lands on the secret planet Usonia, a shipment of Earth’s most brilliant individuals descends on the colony. Tasked with speeding up progress on the utopic planet, the determined and ambitious new arrivals aren’t afraid to ruffle a few Usonian feathers.

Meanwhile, Mia is preparing to say goodbye to her idyllic new life on Usonia, leaving her boyfriend and first love, Noah behind. Joined by her best friend Stella, her devilishly charming new teammate Kale, and a host of Usonians, Mia is set to fly to Earth on a mission to change the world. But will they succeed?

Operation Earth is the second book in the teen sci-fi trilogy, Project Ark.

Genre: Adventure / Sci Fi / YA
My Review:

After Project Ark, I had huge expectations from Operation Earth. Mia McAdams learnt a lot from Usonia and now was coming to Earth along with Stella, to implement those learning and to take back a few reformed Earthlings back to Usonia. However, the book had little to talk about their implementation and more about how Stella is not able to adjust to the Earth’s environment and how she was adjusting to meeting her ex-Earthling boyfriend.

It was slightly disappointing as I was looking forward to reading how children can go ahead and make changes in the world today. But it was more of YA romance kind of feel through the book. Hopefully, the next book will have some more interesting twists and turns in the story, like the first one.

Star Rating : 3.5 Stars
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