Book Review of “Unveiling Christmas” by Gina Dickerson


Families silenced by secrets, lost heirlooms, and a ruthless killer. This Christmas could be Suzy’s last…

When Suzy Harte discovers on her wedding day that her bridegroom-to-be has been hiding a huge secret, jilting him at the altar seems the best option.

What she didn’t anticipate was he wouldn’t ever make it to the altar either and being found in the church cemetery in her wedding dress with a bloodied knife dripping onto the snow really seals the day as her worst ever.

Suzy’s life picks up crazy momentum upon discovering her bridegroom found a lost diamond ring worth millions of pounds. The problem is someone else wants the ring and they’ll stop at nothing to have it, not even serial murder.

As the body count rises, Suzy races to unravel the mystery, stumbling across years of family secrets while the killer closes in.

Can Suzy unscramble the secrets before it’s too late? Will she find true love again? Or will the secrets that silenced many before her lead her to a grisly end?

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Crime / Thriller
My Review:

What starts off as a simple wedding between two people who were marrying for convenience, turns out to be a full blown murder mystery. Suzy was all set to marry her fiance when she comes across a devastating secret about him. But just as she was about to call off the wedding, her fiance gets killed. Now it seems her life is in danger as well.

The story hits the road running. The pace is set right from page 1 and is maintained throughout the book. There are so many twists and turns throughout the story to keep you engrossed and guessing the outcome. The series of events given one after the other are perfectly in sync and with such precision to never let you off track. The language is simple and not too fancy.

The only issue I found here is the number of characters. There are way too many characters in the story. Of course everyone is given some definite purpose, but the sheer number is enough to confuse you as to who is who and what was the purpose. This adds some complexity of the story and many a times you are forced to go back a few pages to understand the reason for a particular character. Because the story is super fast paced, these pit stops in the reading pace gives an unsettling and impatient feel to the entire story. The desired satisfaction is not obtained when it ends.

The excessive number of characters took away the intensity and amaze of the story. But the story in itself is wonderful. Gina has a definite talent with super fast paced mysteries. Looking forward to her next one

Star Rating : 3.5 Stars
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