Book Review of “Wedding Gown Girl” by Kathy Bosman


Kienna loves dressing up her clients in beautiful gowns at the bridal shop where she works but she doesn’t believe in fairy-tale weddings or happily ever afters. After all, her Prince turned out to be a frog, and her divorce broke her heart. So when she realizes one of her brides doesn’t love her groom, she tries to warn him. If only he would listen, she could help him avoid her same fate. Blake is sure Rachelle loves him but she leaves him at the alter. He should have listened to the wedding gown girl’s warning. He should have been hurt, but instead he’s only relieved–and in pursuit of the woman who tried to save him from a broken heart. If only she’d trust him not to be like her ex. Doesn’t she know that when he says he loves her, it means forever?

Genre: Romance / Contemporary Romance
My Review:

Divorce is a thing which has a tendency to kill all the romantic feeling between the estranged couple. But Kienna works in a Bridal Store where she sells romance everyday. Therefore, although she wants to stop feeling, romance is deeply embedded in her. So when the handsome Blake comes by, she finds it very difficult to not have feelings for him. But he is the groom of her client. If they are meant to be together, why is Blake marrying someone else?

A typical romance story. Two skeptical people meet and love emerges. The thing here is it is not very romantic. It is curt. The story is not like a fairy tale where everything is lovey dovey. It is a complicated mature love story. Complicated because the couple goes through a lot of doubts before finally coming together.

If you are looking for a typical love story which will make your heart flutter, this book is not for you. This is more for those readers who understand the dark undertone in romance and appreciates it. It is an interesting read and a very different kind of love story.

Star Rating : 3.8 Stars
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