Book Review of “The River Bride (Gatineau Hills Mystery Series #3)” by Nadine Doolittle



Marlee Bremer claims her husband is a sexual deviant. Convicted rapist and murderer, Trey Bremer insists it was only a game. Seven years ago, the family’s au pair was found brutally slain in the Bremer’s abandoned trailer near the river. Tried and convicted for the girl’s murder, Trey Bremer has always asserted his innocence. The truth of what really happened to Teresa Musgrave begins to unravel when an anonymous note arrives at the Stollerton Record. On the hunt for the big story that could save her career, Alvina Moon is caught up in a disturbing crime and the victim’s beautiful, troubled artist husband.

Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Suspense / Crime
My Review:

 Once in a while you come across a murder mystery so twisted to make your head spin in all directions. And that is when it hits you again why you love murder mystery so much. River Bride is really an amazing book. It truly brings out the essence of whodunnit it a refreshed way.

Alvina Moon gets entangled in a controversial murder investigation when she falls for Del Musgrave the loner artist. Melissa with her stern belief that her husband deserves to be behind bars and Violet with a photographic memory makes Alvina realize that there is something strange in the air. However, further she goes into the mystery, the body count increases and the accused starts appearing less and less guilty. So who killed the au pair girl?

The suspense is sure to leave you spell bound. The character development is good and the story is engaging. The climax is sure to touch your heart. The plot slacks at times and the pace could have been faster. Overall a 4 star thriller

Star Rating : 4 Stars
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