Book Review of “Ladies of Class” by Marjorie Owen


Murder is no respecter of persons. Richard Hayward’s promotion and move from the big city life to the sleepy town of Burshill, England has been shattered. Sir John Bury needs a murder solved. The results of Richard’s investigation cause a ruckus when several ladies of a particular ‘class’ become part of the inquiry. As the facts begin to unfold, they not only amaze Richard and the community of Burshill but extend all the way to the top brass of Scotland Yard.

Genre: Mystery / Crime / Detective / Police / Murder
My Review:
Immediately after reading an Agatha Christie novel, when you read some other murder mystery, unknowingly you do end up comparing it to the master writer. Although it is a very wrong thing to do, sometimes some books comes almost up to the mark and gives you  tremendous satisfaction after finishing. Ladies of Class is one such book.
Chief Inspector Hayward is one of the most efficient detectives I have come across in fictional characters. He is compassionate yet stern, and is a very good judge of character. The case is a very interesting one. Multiple murders, seemingly unconnected, were brilliantly linked with such a frail link. The writing is impeccable and the old England feel is subtle and nice.
It is truly unfortunate that Marjorie could not see how her books are fairing. She has such a grand fan following, thanks to Richard Hayware. However, I believe she is with us through her books and the best way for us to appreciate it is by spreading word on how great her books are. Nothing less than 5 stars for the brilliant master piece.
Star Rating : 5 Stars
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