Book Review of “The Girl Who Drank the Moon: a rhyming picture book” by B.C. Dee


When Callie and her teddy bear invited the moon in for a tea party, they had no idea how much fun they would have…and what a catastrophe they would cause. What on Earth can you do after you’ve drunk the moon all up?

This tale of friendship and generosity is a fun read-aloud, and the cheery and playful illustrations draw you in with a secret star hidden on every page.

Genre: Children / Picture Book
My Review:

The story is a perfect bedtime story. It is about a girl and her friendship with moon. Little children have a wonderful and vivid imagination. Giving ideas for such imagination to rise is a perfect way to encourage children to creative in life. It also supports in improving social skills and vocational skills. The concept of the book is beautiful and so are the illustrations. Every child should be given an opportunity to read and understand such books.

Star Rating : 5 Star
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