Book Review of “Aries Appointment (Celestial Mystery Book 1)” by Kathy T. Kale


Four years after her baby is kidnapped from a Miami oceanfront estate, a grieving mother takes desperate action. Enter Morgan Sterling, a fourth generation astrologer who helps lost clients find their way. Teaming up with Daniel Kane, a blundering police detective, the pair track a cold twisted trail where nothing is as it seems, and facts are muddied by rumors and lies. Crisscrossing South Florida, the investigators stir up secrets like a stick stirs snakes. Along the way, the duo reopen old wounds that land them in the pit of their own darkness. The Aries Appointment is about a search for meaning and truth on many levels. It is the first novel in the Celestial Mystery series.

Genre: Cozy Mystery
My Review
The entire book has been great reading experience. Even though there are a lot of cases in between of Morgan which is not related to the case or incidents with neighbors which are also not related, they still give a nice background to the character and the story. You cannot help like the lead character and also gain a slightest insight into astrology.
There were slight instances where certain story lines were kept open and left to explore. But then considering it is part 1 of Cosmic Mystery series, I am hoping for something more to come up soon. I am in love with Morgan and absolutely looking forward to more of her adventures with Daniel.
The story does not lack anything at all. It is perfection in its definition. A wonderful read through and through, it is a must read for any mystery lover and / or astrological fiction lover.
Star Rating : 5 Stars
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