Book Review of “Experiment of Dreams” by Brandon Zenner


Benjamin Walker’s lifelong career of testing experimental drugs and medicines, as well as participating in fascinating sleep-related studies, has come to an end. A new and lucrative job opportunity is offered to Ben, working on a project named Lucy, a machine capable of reading and recording a person’s dreams in intimate detail. All is finally going well for Ben . . . until strange dreams of a town named Drapery Falls begin to plague him, and memories once hidden begin to reveal themselves. The doctors and staff onboard team Lucy are not who Ben thinks they are, and Mr. Kalispell will stop at nothing to keep Ben’s emerging memories buried for good. Ben is put on a collision course that will bring him to the brink of total insanity, and perhaps even death. At the heart of it all, Ben’s worst enemy is his own mind, and he must confront his past in order to save his future. The twist and turns in The Experiment of Dreams will keep you guessing, down to the very last line.

Genre: Psychological Thriller / Suspense / Mystery / Thriller
My Review

Psychological thriller is always an amazing novel to read. The blurb of most psycho-thrillers are way too interesting than the book. There are very few books that matches their blurb. And this book kept up with the expectations. The story started on running feet and almost always maintained the pace. There were some parts where a bit excess explanation was provided but it can be overlooked as they can be either skipped or fast read with no data loss. The pace being set and the thriller being said, the story was an amazing adventure right from the start till the very end of the book. The twist was interesting and unexpected. A clean close to a brilliant book.

Overall a brilliant reading experience


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