Book Review of ” Tour de Trace” by Sharon L. Dean


The younger cyclists who signed up for camping and biking along Mississippi’s Natchez Trace may think of Susan Warner as old. But she is no Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher. Retired from teaching, she sports a lavender streak in her silver hair and, though she has the slowest mph, she can cover the distance. But when she steps out of her tent the first morning, only ten of her fellow cyclists appear. The eleventh has left a note saying that she will return later.
Later never happens. Instead, the riders discover the cyclist’s body stretched crucifixion style on an ancient Indian Mound.
With each turn of her bicycle wheel, Susan searches for the killer. Is it an ex-husband? The owner of a decrepit bed and breakfast? A snake handler? Or is it one of the cyclists? Her ride along the Natchez Trace pits New Englander Susan against an unfamiliar landscape and a murderer.

Genre: Cozy Mystery
My Review

Tour d trace is a cozy mystery series book. The theme is interesting. the characters are defined. The relationship between mother and daughter was beautifully described. You could easily relate to the experience between them.

But it feels like the narration slacks somewhere in between. The story is properly laid out but it drags a lot toward the middle. There are a lot of points where the story could have been tighten up. Many times I could easily skip a few pages and still understand where the story was going. Many unnecessary explanation and examples with given which could have been avoided.

The mystery in itself was nice to read and ended with a nice closure, however if it was shorter, it would have been a better reading experience. Overall theme is good and is a perfect read for fast readers who can skip read through the story. 3.5 stars for the book


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