Book Review of “A Little Chorus of Love” by Anmol Rawat and others


What is love? The question brews a million different answers. Love is not an entity. It is an emotion that embraces several hues and shades within. ‘A Little Chorus of Love – Love through Ages’ simply follows the same idea and assembles 24 different writers portraying love in a form they acknowledge the best.

Immerse yourself into the most powerful emotion with 24 different stories set in different time periods and feel your heart beat for that one special person in your life.

Genre: Romance / Short Story
My Review

Love stories are always amazing to read. Normally they are sweet, but “A Little Chorus of Love” gives love in all its shades. The book takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotions. Love ranging from parents to lovers to friends, everything is there in the book. Just like life, not all love stories have a happy ending but every story is given an adequate closure. Sometimes it is not enough and you keep longing for a Bollywood-esque happy ending. But in spite of all that, the stories do touch you at the heart and makes you think of your loved ones in fondness at every page. Almost all the stories successfully dampen your eye.

The experience with this book was something I truly had not imagined but something that I will always cherish. This book shall be very close to my heart for a long time to come. It is something you can go back to at any point of time. And rest assured, I am definitely going to read it all over again soon.

Star Rating: 5 Star
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