S for Secret

Layla’s husband has been giving her beautiful gifts, especially clothing.  At first, Layla is pleased (although many of the clothes are one size too small), but then she starts noticing signs that they have been worn by someone else.  In particular, there’s a certain lilac perfume that seems to be clinging to some of them…

What is the secret that her husband is hiding? Will Layla be able to find it out before it is too late? Figure it all out at S for Secret


R for Ring

Mark could not just easily take off the wedding ring. After all, it was on his finger for 10 long years. Some might say it is just a very short duration. But was it truly? Did 10 years really amount to nothing? Yesterday’s conversation with Jill was playing on in his mind.

Should Mark leave Jill? What did Jill do to come to this situation? How will their relation turn out? Will they end it or get back together again? Read on in R for Ring.

Q for Quiet

He was always afraid of the quiet. Silence around him meant that the voices in his head would come out. He was suffering from depression and had been taking medications since a long period of time. But so far none of the drugs had helped quieten the voices in his head. Anything he used to do, the voices used to tell him that he would never be good at it.

Even when he got married, the voices used to convince him that he was a terrible husband and that his wife hates him.

Read on about his life in Q for Quiet

P for Phone Call

Every day Trishala used to get a call on her office landline. The call used to come at the same time each day and there used to be an old lady at the other end of the line asking for Puneet. Trishala had no idea who Puneet was and every day she used to tell the lady that it was a wrong number. Since she was an old lady, Trishala didn’t have the heart to be rude with her for calling everyday.

Who is this lady calling Trishala continuously? And who is Puneet? Read P for Phone Call to find out about the mysterious phone call

O for Orphanage

The twins did not want to go an orphanage on their birthday. But their parents insisted on it every year. They were fed up. They wanted to celebrate their birthday like their friends do – going to the malls, shopping, watching movies and playing with friends.

So this year, they decided to be stern. They decided to have things go their way this time. But what was the reason that their parents were taking them to the orphanage every year? Will this year too, they will go? Or will the kids have it their way? Read on in O for Orphanage.

N for Nose Ring

Nose ring always gave Navya bad thoughts. But that, during that flight, she had a nose ring with her. What was the secret? How did Navya lose her fear for nose rings?

Read on in N for Nose Ring

M for Moby Dick

It was there since a long time. The dream had come to him when he was a child. And it had repeated a lot since then. He learnt painting just because of that dream. And the only painting he ever painted was that dream. He had put his heart and soul into creating it and therefore the painting had felt very real by the time he had finished it.

What was that dream? What did he paint? How is that dream significant? Why is it frequently coming to him? Read on to find out his destiny at M for Moby Dick

L for Leap

She could never get him out of her mind. No matter what she used to do, his were the thoughts that always clouded her mind. But he was unachievable. He was out of her reach. And she was married to someone else.

What should she do? How will she manage things? Is there a way out? Read on in L for Leap

K for Key

Martha and Miranda are neighbours. Martha was an old lady who never went out. So it was a surprise to Miranda when, one day, Martha requested her to house sit and handed over her KEY.

What is the secret of Martha’s sudden desire to go out? What will Miranda find out when she house sits?

Find it all out in K FOR KEY

Book Review of “All Eyes on Me” by Linsay Lanier

All Eyes on Me (Miranda and Parker Mystery #1)

Genre: Murder Mystery / Suspense / Thriller 

After having read the first part of Miranda’s Rights, I was very much interested in reading the first part of “Miranda and Parker Mysteries”. Knowing how their relationship is progressing now that they are married was very highly anticipated. However, the book could not live up to my expectations.

The story started well with giving a decent introduction to the couple post marriage. Anyone who had jumped from one series to the other without having read the books in between, like me, still would get properly aligned to the book right from the start. The flow is impressive and the way the story connects from “Someone Else’s Daughter” to “All Eyes on Me” is simply  well done. Of course it is still recommended that the book be read in its rightful sequence, as there are many things that could only be understood if the series is properly followed, Nonetheless, there is no loss in skipping the paid copies, as Linsay has got it properly covered.

However, the relationship between Miranda and Parker could have been shown in a better light. It is understandable that the two of them are immensely attracted to one another, but showing that in almost every page was really not required. After having suffered such a huge accident in the previous book, Miranda might be physically weak but the way she is portrayed all through the series was enough reason to not assume that she would be emotionally weak. Being her husband, when Wade tries to protect her at every step, it felt really fake. Too much PDA through writing could have been very much avoided.

Leaving the unwanted romance aside, the mystery in itself was wonderfully written. Again, like “Someone Else’s Daughter“, the killer can be easily guessed right at the chapter which gives a one page POV of the killer. The way that chapter had written gave out enough clues to point the killer out. But still, the story takes the reader through a whole lot of maze which makes the reader question their guess at multiple stops through the book. That, in my opinion, was beautiful writing.

Also I did not like the way O’Toole’s character suddenly turned good. After being literally humiliated by Parker and especially Miranda on various grounds,  his character could have pulled his weight for some more time. The truce felt a bit too soon and forced into the story. Ralston’s character, too, was underdeveloped. She had played such an important role in supporting the PIs and towards the end, she just vanished. Having subtly enforced the feminist theme all through the series, when such a strong female character was underused, it stung. That could have been avoided.

There were also some typo errors through the book, which was really surprising. But they were very few and far between so it will not affect the reading experience. Overall, go for this book for the brilliant mystery, and totally skip the romance part. It is a nice experience.

Star Rating: 4 Stars

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