Book Review of “Monica’s Match” by Katya Armock for Red Moon Book Tours

Blurb: Monica has the ability to see a guy’s aura light up the first time he touches his soul mate, but she’s kept it a secret since her parents shamed her as a child. Still, she decides to start her own matchmaking company—even if she doesn’t advertise her unique ability. Business is so-so until she... Continue Reading →

Book Review of “Death of a Dapper Snowman” by Angela Pepper

Blurb: Gift shop owner Stormy Day is settling into her new life until she comes across a frozen body, hidden inside a well-dressed snowman. When her own father is implicated in the murder, Stormy must chase down clues and uncover the town's secrets herself. As she draws closer to identifying the killer, Stormy's own life... Continue Reading →

Book Review of “A Good Day (Lucy Collins Series)” by Francis Yamoah

Blurb: After her father’s death, newly promoted Detective Constable Lucy Collins of the Metropolitan Police Service have had to move to the small town of Kennet in order to take care of her seriously ill mother. Kennet is a calm and quiet town which has recorded the lowest crime rates in the whole country for... Continue Reading →

Book Review of “Leather and Lace (Tempered Steel #2)” by Maggie Adams

Blurb: Sam Coalson, ex-Navy Seal, has returned to Grafton for the wedding of his brother. After being run out-of-town fifteen years ago for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s determined to claim what is rightfully his and take on anyone crazy enough to try to stop him. Angel Devereaux is smart, sexy and definitely on... Continue Reading →

Book Review of “Whistlin’ Dixie (Tempered Steel #1)” by Maggie Adams

Blurb: A man on a mission.... Mackenzie Coalson was determined to rebuild his hometown after a devastating flood left it in ruins. He has no time for a relationship and all the romantic junk that goes with it. He has a vandal to catch and no sweet smelling bundle of femininity is going to sway... Continue Reading →

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