Book Review of “Unveiling Christmas” by Gina Dickerson


Families silenced by secrets, lost heirlooms, and a ruthless killer. This Christmas could be Suzy’s last…

When Suzy Harte discovers on her wedding day that her bridegroom-to-be has been hiding a huge secret, jilting him at the altar seems the best option.

What she didn’t anticipate was he wouldn’t ever make it to the altar either and being found in the church cemetery in her wedding dress with a bloodied knife dripping onto the snow really seals the day as her worst ever.

Suzy’s life picks up crazy momentum upon discovering her bridegroom found a lost diamond ring worth millions of pounds. The problem is someone else wants the ring and they’ll stop at nothing to have it, not even serial murder.

As the body count rises, Suzy races to unravel the mystery, stumbling across years of family secrets while the killer closes in.

Can Suzy unscramble the secrets before it’s too late? Will she find true love again? Or will the secrets that silenced many before her lead her to a grisly end?

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Crime / Thriller
My Review:

What starts off as a simple wedding between two people who were marrying for convenience, turns out to be a full blown murder mystery. Suzy was all set to marry her fiance when she comes across a devastating secret about him. But just as she was about to call off the wedding, her fiance gets killed. Now it seems her life is in danger as well.

The story hits the road running. The pace is set right from page 1 and is maintained throughout the book. There are so many twists and turns throughout the story to keep you engrossed and guessing the outcome. The series of events given one after the other are perfectly in sync and with such precision to never let you off track. The language is simple and not too fancy.

The only issue I found here is the number of characters. There are way too many characters in the story. Of course everyone is given some definite purpose, but the sheer number is enough to confuse you as to who is who and what was the purpose. This adds some complexity of the story and many a times you are forced to go back a few pages to understand the reason for a particular character. Because the story is super fast paced, these pit stops in the reading pace gives an unsettling and impatient feel to the entire story. The desired satisfaction is not obtained when it ends.

The excessive number of characters took away the intensity and amaze of the story. But the story in itself is wonderful. Gina has a definite talent with super fast paced mysteries. Looking forward to her next one

Star Rating : 3.5 Stars
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Book Review of “The Burning Man” by Solange Ritchie


It is a summer night in upscale Orange County, California. When young beautiful Consuelo Vargas turns up horribly mutilated and left for dead in a strawberry field, the Irvine Police Department call in top FBI Forensic pathologist/agent, Dr. Catherine (“Cat”) Powers solve a string of murders.

Charged with hunting down a twisted serial killer dubbed the “The Burning Man” as more bodies turn up, Cat embarks on a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Her actions will destroy the people she holds most dear. Her decisions will forever change the lives of those she loves.

Little does she know, The Burning Man waits for her, drawing her closer into his web of death, lies and deceit, so that he can take from her the ultimate prize. He waits for her in plain sight forcing her to make a choice no mother should ever have to make.

Suspenseful from the first page, this novel traces the painfully real struggles of a driven woman torn between her career demands and single motherhood, a family saga involving Cat’s young son and his loss of innocence at the hands of a madman and explores the bond shared by a mother and child as they combat pure evil. Cat knows only that she will do anything to catch this killer and keep those she loves alive. But will it be enough?

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Crime / Thriller / Police / FBI
My Review:

It does not take long for the course of life to drastically change. Cat did not expect such a thing to happen to her when she took up the case of the Burning Man. However things hit home very hard when the case turns personal and someone close get intimately involved in the crime. The story is about a psychotic serial killer and a pathologist who gets too close to catching him. The story is line is decent and maintains enough pace to keep the reader flipping fast through pages. The characters are given enough depth to give background but not too much to make it boring. The flow is steady and almost no flaws in language.

Cat is shown as a very strong lady who faces pure evil and manages to come out of it alive. The mood is very dark throughout the book which is in sync with the theme. It gives an authentic feel while reading. Although slightly typical, the story still retains interest. The end of the book feels like a cliff hanger. It seems more is yet to come from Solange Ritchie. I look forward for the continuation, if any.

Star Rating : 4 Stars
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Book Review of “Lynne & Hope” by Joey Paul


Lynne and Hope are sisters – they share parents, living space, but that’s pretty much it.

Until one day when Lynne has to run and rely on the sister she hates to save her.

If Hope fails, Lynne’s going to jail and she can kiss her perfect job goodbye, but if she succeeds will Lynne be able to swallow her pride and see Hope for who she really is?

Genre: Suspense / Drama / Family
My Review:

The relationship between siblings are always funny. They never start of as best friends. Sometimes it is remains strained throughout their lives. Sometimes it becomes better with time and siblings become best friends. Sometimes it starts off well but sours down the lane. Lynne and Hope is about two such sisters, who started off on a positive note but soured over the time because of an accident which resulted in Hope confined to a wheelchair.

The story is really very interesting and gripping. The core of the story is the relationship between Lynne and Hope. The way it changes and transforms with various events that happen in their life is a really interesting thing to read. The language is very simple and easily put, which makes the reading experience very smooth. The flow of the story is engaging and powerful. It is said from the point of view of both the sisters, which gives us the complete picture of the scenario.There is a pull in the story which makes you feel like you are an immediate part of their lives and not just a bystander watching the movie go by. There is an emotional connection which comes to the characters because they are so well-developed that they almost feel real and sitting right next to you.

A very interesting mystery novel to be read by anyone who likes such types of book, Lynne and Hope is highly recommended to everyone.

Star Rating : 5 Stars
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Book Review of “Murder Times Nine” by J.F. Pratt


Murder Times Nine is a detective Sudoku puzzle mystery set in present day Reno. When a young woman’s strangled body is discovered among the willows on the banks of the Truckee river, the autopsy reveals a Sudoku puzzle grid branded onto her. Within the grid, nine numbers are filled in. When a second victim is found knifed through the chest with a Sudoku puzzle grid tucked neatly in his breast pocket with nine additional numbers, Detective Charles Lee fears a serial killer is stalking his city. The vengeful and brilliant killer leaves only a single clue at each of the murders. That clue is a Sudoku puzzle devised to taunt and tease the detective. The murderer adds nine numbers to the puzzle left on the most recent victim’s corpse. The numbers are a code that identifies the next victim. Using antique and unusual weapons for each of the murders heightens the grisly killings. The bodies keep piling up as the murderer leaves an increasingly more complete puzzle on the latest victim. Detective Lee knows he is running out of time. He must unravel how these sets of nine numbers target the next victim. Can he determine who will be the next victim before another dead body is found? Only then, will he be able to stop the killer before the puzzle is complete and the killer vanishes. Fast paced action throughout. In the early chapters, a discerning and analytical reader can decode the killer’s added numbers by a careful reading of the chapter describing the next victim. No math skills required!


Genre: Murder / Detective / Mystery / Thriller / Police Detective / Serial Killer  / Suspense
My Review:

There are some murder mysteries which do not have a great story line but an interesting narration which makes the reading a pleasurable experience. And there are some with a wonderful story line but a narration that murders the story. Murder Times Nine falls in the latter category.

Right from the start of the novel, the reader is considered to be a child or an old person with a terrible memory. There are so many explanation, sometimes even repeated. Every thought by the characters are done out loud. Every process is explained in way too much detail than required every time it happens. Needless attention to details of every situation made the narration too boring to follow. Over explanations like “why is the killer so sick” and “going to puke in private” are used, which literally kills the mood. Every single character entered the book with a 5 page biography for themselves. This created so much confusion as to who is really important and who is not. Unrealistic ideologies like police being completely dependent on children to solve the murders makes the story line so weak that if the crime wasn’t perfect, it would have been a torture to read the entire book.

The only thing that kept me on the book was the actual suspense. “Who did it and why” was amazing. With a completely different narration style, this book would have rocked. The concept was splendid, the mystery left me spell-bound, the last line of the novel was so chilling that I ended the book with goose bumps. But the narration killed the story completely. The way the writer linked Sudoku to killing was just brilliant. If not for the wonderful story, I would have stopped reading right after the first 5 pages.

Murder Times Nine is a murder mystery novel with a very interesting blurb and a wonderful story line but not a good enough narration flow to match.

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Book Review of “Let It Bleed (Lucy Collins Series Book 2)” by Francis Yamoah


On what becomes her last day as a uniformed police officer, Lucy Collins discovers the body of a woman at a construction site while on patrol.
The next day Lucy gets the news she’d been waiting for. She’s been promoted to Detective and she joins the CID team investigating the murder of the woman whose body she’d discovered. But every hopeful lead comes to a dead-end with no new ones on the horizon.
Let It Bleed is a thrilling second installment of a highly enjoyable series.

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Detective / Murder / Police / Thriller / Serial Killer
My Review:

Although this is the 2nd book in the series, the story basically goes back to the time before the first book. So the book is a prequel to The Good Day. In the first book, we see Lucy Collins as an already perfect detective. In this book, we get to know the training she undergoes to become that perfect detective. The book starts with Lucy being a uniformed police officer. But very soon into the book, she becomes Detective and the fun begins.

The story is about a psychologically deranged serial killer who targets women. Lucy coincidentally comes across the first victim and soon takes up the case as her own. The way a lady detective is portrayed is, although stereotypical in a way, but still inspiring and fun to read. Lucy is shown as a bold character who is not scared of anyone or anything. The way she goes over to an isolated house and looks around with a colleague is truly inspiring and interesting to read. The killer is also a creation, which again although is expected, but the details and reasoning for the way of the state of mind is wonderful and gives a lot of insight into psychology.

The only thing that put me off was the way the story ended. Since the focus was on Lucy and how strong she is, the story could have followed the trend right till the end and showcased her to be inferior to none. But other than that, Lucy Collins is an amazing detective and truly one to be followed for all the upcoming books in the series.

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Book Review of “Green Witch, Dead Witch” by Renee Benzaim


Two women, one man, are dead. All three were solitary green witches who met from time-to-time to share rituals and festivals. Not a coven, just a group of like-minded individuals who preferred to practice their witchcraft alone.

The first two deaths appeared to be accidental, but the third death was an obvious murder. Each death occurred in a different area of Kern County – in different jurisdictions – which made it unlikely any connection would be made between the deaths.

The third body was found in an outlying area of Kern County, which put it in the jurisdiction of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. The detective team assigned to investigate this homicide consists of Lead Detective Annie Avants and her partner, Detective Tom Weston. As the initial investigation begins, they find nothing to make them suspect that this murder is connected to any other death in Kern County.

Clem Moonstone is a solitary green witch who owns a metaphysical shop in Bakersfield. She and Annie Avants have been friends for many years. When Annie and Tom attend the funeral of the victim whose death they are investigating, Annie is surprised to see Clem there. Clem explains to Annie that the young woman whose funeral they are attending is the third person in her circle of friends to die during the past few months.
Annie’s gut instinct tells her to look into the previous two deaths. Clem gives her the names of the other two people and the locations where their bodies were found. After Annie obtains the files and begins to research their deaths, she comes to the chilling conclusion that the first two deaths may not have been so “accidental” and that all three victims may have died at the hands of a serial killer.
It appears someone is killing the witches of Bakersfield

My Review:

This story is entirely about Magick – Green magick. The concept is put across very strong that witches do exist among us today and most of them are good witches. The idea is put across very subtly and nicely. In fact it makes you want to meet a green witch.

Witches are being killed and it all appears to be accidents. Only someone is suspicious that they are not accidents and witches are in fact being murdered. Detective Annie Avants is dealing with a personal crisis of her own. This case gives her a break from her crisis and she dives nose down into it. However, the murderer appears to be someone of Magick background. Will Annie be able to catch hold of the murderer? Or her lack of magick lead to the murderer going scott free?

Annie is not someone you instantly tend to like. She has all the features of a detective – fierce, independent, brave and at the same time, a bit too careful. Her thinking process is relatable, but there are times through the book when you feel like telling her it is OK to let go and live life spontaneously. And that makes Annie a human. Renee has done a good job creating a detective who is as much human as anyone of us. She is afraid of making mistake, just like any one us.

The book is really nice. I am looking forward to understanding the characters more by reading the previous parts of the series

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