Book Review of “Dane Curse” by Matt Abraham


If you lose a black cape, and can’t go to the cops, then you come to me because that’s what I do. I’ve been in the game for years. I know all the curves and all the angles, and if it gets rough then so be it, I got plenty strength, I’m double tough, and I never quit. And if need be I’ll pull my artillery to get you some answers, because I don’t care about the mistakes you’ve made or how you chose to live your life, sometimes even the unjust deserve a little justice.

At least that’s how it was before.

When a mysterious murder threatens to plunge Gold Coast City into a super powered war I only have five days’ time to find the killer, but getting to the truth won’t be so easy. I’ll have to face ruthless black capes with secrets to hide, a powerful government agency bent on national expansion, and even teams of white caped heroes whose intentions are less than pure.

No easy task for a small time PI, so I’ll need every bit of my strength and guts if I’m going to find the killer, save my city, and maybe even get some justice for the greatest hero the world has ever known.

Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Crime / suspense / Thriller / Super Hero / YA Fantasy
My Review:

Super Hero and villains exchange their roles and everyone becomes the good guys for one novel. But if everyone are good guys and there is still a crime committed, that means someone is hiding behind a mask. And that is where Dane Curse comes in. Dane Curse is a super Villain turned detective for anyone who has an interesting case. And what can be more interesting that to investigate the murder of the city’s beloved White Caped Hero?

The story is interesting and different. The scene setting of the entire book feels right out of Starling City or Gotham City or any other city from comics. The Super Hero – Super Villain fights are constant irrespective of what either of their intentions are. It is like cat and mouse. They are enemies no matter who is doing what. But that adds to the fun element of the story. The language used is nice and humorous. Dane Curse as a character must have been very difficult to create. He is a bad ass villain who is so used to being a bad ass but suddenly becomes good for his mother.

The only thing I felt as a drawback was the length of the novel. Considering super hero and super villains, children or Young Adults would have loved to read it. But the story is a bit too long for young  people to maintain attention. Only someone who absolutely adores to read can manage to finish the entire book patiently. The pace of the story slacks at places which diverts the reader’s attention. It could have been shorter and more crisper than the current state.

Other than that, it scored in all the avenues. It is definitely a fun and unique reading experience.

Star Rating : 4 Stars
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