Book Review of “April Showers Bring May Flowers: Diary of a Ten-Year-Old School Girl” by Lathish R. Shankar

A diary entry of a ten-year-old school girl Ashitha, written in Indian slang. The story is all about childish pranks, playfulness, affection, love, and the time spent during the summer vacation with her friends. The story ends up with a wonderful reunion of all her friends.

My Review:
April Showers bring May Flowers is a really short story of a child and her diary entries. It is a typical Indian city story of a young 11 year old girl and the child like troubles she has at her age.

When Lathish first contacted me of the book, I really did not expect the story to be like this. The story has a fresh and innocent feel to it. The childishness of Ashita is visible not only to us but also to the adult Ashita who reads the diary.

Those who write diaries would be able to relate wonderfully to the book. The way we feel when we read our entries during childhood is described perfectly through the story.

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